Port Hueneme Naval Base

Port Hueneme Naval BaseThe US Navy Port Hueneme Construction Battalion Center plays a central role in the daily life of Port Hueneme. Located adjacent to Port Hueneme Harbor, this naval base employs over 2,600 active duty personnel on 1600 acres. It is known as the west coast "Home of the Pacific Seabees." It has been in use since May 18, 1942 and is controlled by the United States Navy. The commander for the base is Captain Brad Conners. The CBC (Construction Battalion Center) is spread across the vast agricultural Oxnard Plain. This is about 60 miles north of Los Angeles. The official website for the base is located here.

The mission of the base is to provide a homeport for training, administrative and logistic support for Seabees serving around the world.

Port Hueneme CBC The Tenant Commands here include:

Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 3
Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 4
Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 5
Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 40
Underwater Construction Team 2
1st Naval Construction Regiment
30th Naval Construction Regiment
31st Seabee Readiness Group

Building 1201 is the Navy Lodge on the base, which is near the gym building.

The Navy debuted its new, state of the art destroyer at the Port of Hueneme dock in April 2009. Here is a news story about the USS Stockdale with its anti-piracy operations capability.